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Northern Italy - Grand CanalTravel to Venice, the city of romance, art and architecture—including the famous Doge Palace and museum, the Piazza of St. Mark's Cathedral, and the Grand Canal.

Insights of Northern Italy:

Our lectures will help you better understand the history of ideas that define what it means to be "Western" in thought. This will be traced from the early church onward through the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment and Renaissance. Because of the current religious and cultural conflict between East and West, we will also try to understand Islamic thought today.

Features of Northern Italy Trip:

We will stay in charming Italian hotels (in the Tuscan countryside and Italian Alps) and eat in local restaurants for the full flavor of Italy.

Highlights of Our Travel in Northern Italy:

Our trip begins with major new excavations in the Roman Forum (the Coliseum inscription), Nero's palace "the Domus Aurea," Vatican and its museums, as well as the major churches and catacombs of Rome.

Our travels then take us north through the Tuscan countryside to Florence, where we will see the Duomo, baptistry, and will be sure not to miss Michelangelo's statue of David. We travel on to Ravenna and onward to Venice. Here we will, of course, ride on the canals as we visit St. Mark's Piazza, the Doge Palace and the Municipal Museum. Our trip ends in Milan, where we see DaVinci's Last Supper and then overnight on a lake in the Italian Alps.

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