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Rome and Northern Italy

Roman Coliseum

Important Lecture Themes:

  • Trace points of guidance found in the Malta journeys of St Paul in the early church.
  • Observe developments in Italian church archaeology, art, and architecture.
  • Understand controversies about scientific discoveries made by Galileo and da Vinci.
  • Follow the history of ideas from the Middle Ages to Enlightenment & the Renaissance.
  • Honestly face the abuses of Power in the Church of the Middle Ages & Renaissance.

Sample Italy Itinerary:

  • Day 1—Depart Atlanta/Houston
  • Day 2—Arrive in Rome.
  • Day 3—Rome
    We will meet our guide at the entrance of the Vatican Museum. Walking through the Galleries of the Candelabra, the Maps and the Tapestries to reach the Vatican Palaces. We will see the Apartments of Julius II, splendidly decorated by Raphael, the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter. In the afternoon, visit Saint Paul Outside the Walls, the Catacombs via the Apian Way.
  • Day 4—Rome
    Today we will visit the main monuments of Rome from the First Century CE in the city. Many decisions in the Roman Forum had wider implications extending to Galilee and Judea. The ruling Imperial palaces were on the Capitoline Hill. The treasury and rich decorations from Titus’ destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE funded the construction of the Coliseum. On our walk to the Pantheon temple we will see the Piazza Navonna and other famous fountains and monuments.
  • Day 5—Rome/Florence
    After breakfast we will drive north through the beautiful Tuscan countryside to visit Florence. We will start our walking tour at the town centre with a visit to the Piazza Del Duomo. We will spend enough time there to appreciate the art and architecture of the Cathedral. Visit the 8th Century Baptistery of San Giovanni with its pre-renaissance mosaics and gilded bronze doors and the Campanella of Giotto, which in many ways was the setting of the beginnings of Renaissance art.
  • Day 6—Florence
    Walk through the Medieval part of the city. Visit the Galleria of the Accademia to enjoy Michelangelo’s David statue, carved in 1504. Also view Michelangelo’s famous Nonfiniti, the four prisoners or slaves seen still emerging from the rock. The museum also houses an excellent collection of old musical instruments. Shop on the famous Golden Bridge over the Arno River. Butchers initially occupied the shops; the present tenants are jewellers, art dealers and souvenir sellers. Enjoy the afternoon for further exploring.
  • Day 7—Florence
    Today we will visit the Uffizi Gallery complex which was begun to accommodate the offices of the Florentine magistrates, hence the name Uffizi “offices”. Next we will look at the glittering Jeweler’s shops along the Medieval, stone closedspandrel segmental arch, bridge over the Arno River called the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. We will then visit, one of the oldest and largest Franciscan basilicas in the world, Church of St. Croce’s tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo.
  • Day 8—Pisa/Florence
    Today we will have a one day trip to Galileo's city of Pisa. We will visit Pisa’s Cathedral Church, the famous leaning Tower of Pisa and the town center known as the Campo dei Miracoli.
  • Day 9—Florence/Ravenna/Venice
    After breakfast we will travel through the beautiful central mountain range to the eastern Adriatic Coast of Italy. We will enjoy a wonderful stop in Ravenna, this was the administrative centre in Italy for Constantinople in the Byzantine period. The city is famous for its early Christian mosaics which adorns its churches and monuments with Byzantine style art. Our visit will include the Basilica of Saint Apollinare in Classe with its beautiful pastoral motif of Christ the Good Shepherd. Continue driving up the coastal plain to Venice.
  • Day 10—Venice
    We have two days to enjoy a city of canals, cathedrals and the works of the old masters. We travel down the Grand Canal on one of Venice’s famous vaporettos. Our attempt to begin to fathom its riches will start at its heart, the Piazza San Marco. At the Basilica of St. Mark we will see the golden altar piece inlaid with precious stones looted from the eastern Byzantine Empire. We will tour the Doges Palace, former political seat of the "Serene Republic". There will be free time for shopping and sight seeing on your own.
  • Day 11—Venice
    We will visit several churches where we can see collections of Venetian, Byzantine, Renaissance, Baroque and Rocco paintings. To see Venice is also to appreciate the works of Titian and the theologically refreshing works of Tintoretto from the 16th century at Scuola of San Rocco and an adjacent gothic Church of St. Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.
  • Day 12—Lake Maggiore
    After breakfast travel up the Po River valley through the industrial areas of northern Italy to Milan. Of particular interest will be the many-spired Gothic Cathedral dating back to the Middle Ages. We will also visit the Dominican Convent of St. Maria Della Grazie to view the Leonardo D' Vinci’s Last Supper. Our Farewell Dinner and overnight will be at a hotel with a majestic view of Lake Maggiore in the Italian Alps.
  • Day 13—Depart Milan

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