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Travel Egypt

Egypt and the Archaeology of the Exodus Journeys

With 5-Star Cruises on Lake Nasser and the Nile River

The Pulpit RockBecause of some recent tensions in the Sinai Desert, our new itinerary includes four substitute days on beautiful Lake Nasser. It is located in the Nubian Desert where we will be able to have a unique desert experience with spectacular night skies in profound silence and deep darkness. We then enjoy a Nile cruise from the Aswan Dam north to Luxor and then a flight onward to Cairo (see the map photo on the lower right).

cruise shipNote that our two five star cruises up Lake Nasser and down the Nile River avoid the crowds and occasional political tensions within Egyptian society. Four full days of cruising Lake Nasser bring us to six isolated archaeological reconstructions of temples rescued from the rising waters of the Aswan Dam, ending with a dramatic morning arrival at the famous reconstruction of Abu Simbel (above). There will be ample time to relax or enjoy the top deck pool. The quiet isolation of Lake Nasser and the desert environment of this portion of our trip will also be a perfect setting for our lectures about the oppression of the Pharoahs and the Sinai wilderness experience of the ancient Hebrews. The stillness of this desert lake's dark nights will facilitate our second lecture theme, which will be "Understanding Desert Spirituality" in the Bible.

Egypt Archaeology of the Exodus Journeys Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Depart US
  • Day 2 - Arrive in Cairo and transfer to our Cairo hotel.
  • Day 3 - Fly to Lake Nasser and transfer to the Prince Abbas
  • Day 4 - From the Kalabsha Temples and sail towards Nubia.
  • Day 5 - Wadi Temples of Wadi el Sebua
  • Day 6 - Sail onward to Kasr Ibrim, and sail to the dramatic UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Abu Simbel Temple.
  • Day 7 - We will visit the Unfinished Obelisk, view the Temple of Philae, a felucca ride, Elephantine Island, the Botanical gardens.
  • We then board our Nile River cruise boat.
  • Day 8 - Visit to Kom Umbo' temple to the crocodile god and then down stream to Edfu for the falcon god temple.
  • Day 9 - Shore excursion to Dendara to see the cow goddess (probably Golden Calf of Ex 32:19) Temple of Hathor.
  • Day 10 - Visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and some of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and then check into our deluxe hotel to enjoy some free time or shopping in Luxor.
  • Day 11 - Tour both the spectacular Luxor and Karnak Temples from the time of the Exodus. We take an afternoon flight to Cairo.
  • Day 12 - We will visit ancient Patriarchal Period Memphis and enjoy a visit to nearby Sakkara's famous Stepped Pyramid.
  • Day 13 - We will visit the pyramids, the Solar Boats, the Sphinx and King Tut's treasures at the Egyptian Museum.
  • Day 14 - Morning flight from Cairo to the USA.