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Explorations in Antiquity Center Walking Tour Guide Book
Price: $5.00

Take a self-guided "walking" tour through our Explorations in Antiquity Museum with excerpts given from Dr. Fleming's book explaining The Time Tunnel Houses of Worship and the 23 Stations outside in the Scriptural Garden, containing archaeological replicas of Biblical Times.

Author: Dr. James Fleming ----- Pages: 32 High Gloss

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The Life Of The Shepherd, Farmer and Village in Biblical Times
Price: $39.00

This is an updated version of the Biblical History Center book. Full-scale archaeological reproductions with Biblical text and 3 applications (What it looks like; What it does; What it means) for each of the 23 "stations" describing the life of the shepherd, the life of the farmer, and the life of the village. Explanations on the Houses of Worship Time Tunnel and the Biblical Meal Experience are also included. Author: Dr. James Fleming ----- Pages: 160 High Gloss

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