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The Difficult Sayings of Jesus

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This book examines the difficult (or hard) sayings of Jesus from several perspectives. Some of the sayings seem to demand absolute obedience, where others require an understanding beyond the literal meaning. Cultural clarification is needed for other sayings. Often exaggeration is used in the sayings to make a point. Some of the sayings seem to "neglect" the Gentiles, making it clear that judgement belongs to God alone.

Capture answers to those hard questions in these topics:

Absolute Obedience Demand.

Beyond the Literal Meaning.

Cultural Clarification.

Dialectic Thinking.

Exaggeration to Make a Point.

Focus on One Theme.

Gentiles Seem Neglected.

Hell (Hades).

Inverted Values in the Kingdom of God.

Judgment Belongs to God Alone.

Included in this book are over 20 pages of maps, tables, charts, and diagrams to help further illustrate the above topics.

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