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The Kingdom of God Is Now

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The people of the first century were eager for a king who would deliver them from bondage of the Romans and they expected that this would occur through military force. Furthermore, the people of the first century believed that the Kingdom of God was future rather than now.

Examples of the Kingdom of God is Now are drawn from the teachings of Jesus, from his journey to Jerusalem with the disciples, and from the victory of God in the past and future. Jesus' Inaugural Sermon at Nazareth is examined in terms of the Kingdom of God is Now.

The subtopics in this book are:

John the Baptist and the Kingdom of God.

Jesus' Announcement of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God in the Teachings of Jesus.

Following the Servant Messiah to Jerusalem.

The Victory of God in the Past and Future.

Included in this book are over 30 pages of maps, tables, charts, and diagrams to help further illustrate the above topics.

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