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Turning Points in the Life of Jesus.

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In light of hints in the New Testament and what we know about the political dynamics in Galilee and Judea in the first century, can we determine, for the turning points in the life of Jesus, what may be causes for the stated effects? Effects, for example, were John baptized Jesus, Jesus withdrew from Galilee, Jesus set his face to Jerusalem, and so on.

This book contains the turning points in the lives of Mary and Joseph and ten turning points in Jesus' life:

Turning points for Mary and Joseph.

Turning points in the Life of Jesus.

One: Coming of Age.

Two: Baptism by John the Baptist.

Three: Arrest of John the Baptist.

Four: Death of John the Baptist.

Five: The "Messiah of God" Answer.

Six: The "Hosanna" of Palm Sunday.

Seven: The Last Supper.

Eight: The Garden of Gethsemane.

Nine: It Is Finished.

Ten: The Final Victory.

Included in this book are over 25 pages of maps, tables, charts, and diagrams to help further illustrate the above topics.

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