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Advent: Waiting for the Lord

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Discussions in this book are centered around the people and places of the Advent and the different ways that the people in the biblical story waited.

Follow through the studies of:

The Wilderness of Expectation, and its meanings;

Isaiah and the Wonderful Counselor, and references to the Advent Season;

The Waiting of Elizabeth and Zechariah, and their faithfulness in their waiting from Mary's visit through the ministry of John the Baptist;

The Insignificance of Nazareth, and the background of Jesus coming from Nazareth;

Bethlehem, The Least of Judah, citing the Census, the Church, symbolism of the manager, Jesus and the Temple, the women in Matthew's genealogy, and Samuel's visit to Bethlehem;

The Unassuming Side of God, which examines the metallic and delicate threads in scripture.

Included in this book are over 15 pages of maps, tables, charts, and diagrams to help further illustrate the above topics.

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