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Archaeology and the Old Testament

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This notebook looks at how the Ebla tablets, the Armarna letters, the Canaanite bible, Hittite vassal treaties and other manuscripts and excavations of Old Testament sites bring new meaning to the scriptures.

Major archaeological discoveries are reviewed in this book, as to how they help us better understand the Bible. Below is a partial list of the Major Discoveries discussed from:

The Patriarchs and Matriarchs; The Old, Middle, and New Stone Ages, Early Bronze Age, Flood Epics.

The Bondage and the Exodus; Middle and Late Bronze Ages, Mt Sinai Location, Vassal Treaties.

The time of The Judges; Entrance to Canaan, Merenptah Stele.

The time of the Kings; David's Fortress at Arad, Solomon Expands Temple.

The time of the Assyrians; Moabite Stone.

The time of the Babylonians; Siege of Jerusalem.

The time of the Persians; Captivity Theology, Miniature Hebrew Scroll.

The time of the Greeks and Romans; Nicanor Ossuary, Western Wall Inscription, Dead Sea Scrolls.

Plus many other sites, such as: Ebla, Ugarit, Ain Dara, and Lachish.

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