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Genesis and Exodus

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Follow the patriarchs and matriarchs on their journey to the Promised Land, experience what life was like in Canaan, study the background of Moses, look at various theories for dating the Exodus and the location of the Holy Mountain.

Theological insights from archeological discoveries are examined in this book, relating to:

Genesis--The Background of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs from Creation, through the Early, Intermediate, and Middle Bronze Ages to life in Canaan with Abraham, Sarah, and their children.

Exodus--The Background of Moses, Dating the Exodus, The Plagues, Deliverance through the Sea, The Holy Mountain, The Sinai Covenant, and The Wilderness Journey. Traveling with the Israelites on their wilderness journey, we gain a sense of what it was like.

Includes over 50 pages of diagrams, maps and charts from the field notebook of the "Origin of the Hebrews" study tour.

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