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The Study Center Trips

Biblical Resources travel opportunities go to places with archaeological discoveries that will give you new insights into biblical texts.

Biblical Resources, LLC has been serving clergy and lay inquirers since 1973. The high number of repeat participants is an indication that our travelers appreciate the high quality of the experiences we offer.

When you travel with us you will be accompanied by archaeologists/lecturers, have a notebook of diagrams with additional helps, and hear about the broader theological meanings of the sites visited.
--Jim Fleming/ Hannaniah Pinto

Dr. James FlemingHannaniah Pinto

Biblical Resources Study Trips are a "Cut Above" most tours.

The debris of the Roman temple may remind you of the joke about the tourist who asked, “Why did the Romans build so many ruins?” Most archaeological sites are confusing and need an experienced teacher or tour guide to help interpret them.

Roman Ruins

Photographs of ancient sites can only give you an image of the place. But the words of the teacher or tourguide on a study tour have the potential of giving you a more meaningful impression of the biblical significance of the place in our understanding of history. Our teachers, tour guides and staff at Biblical Resources, LLC are dedicated to offering you quality travel experiences designed particularly to help bring life and meaning from the ancient ruins.

Please study the descriptions of the unique Christian travel opportunities for you to discover the origins of your faith.

We regularly take tours to:

  • Israel and Jordon
  • Egypt
  • Malta, Sicily and Rome
  • Northern Italy
  • Greece and the Greek Isands
  • Turkey.

In addition, we offer other destinations as the demand dictates.

For Reservations please contact:

Hannaniah Pinto at 706-298-7393
or email: