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About Biblical Resources, LLC

Dr. James Fleming—Teacher/Lecturer

Dr. James FlemingDr. James Fleming, lecturer, is the director of Biblical Resources, LLC located in LaGrange, GA. He obtained his Ed.D. degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, TX.

He has lived and worked as an archaeologist and educator in Israel since 1974 and has taught classes in the School for Overseas Students at Hebrew University and the Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.

Dr. Fleming has developed courses in historical geography and biblical history, uniquely tying the studies with the biblical text, with an emphasis on the theological implications. He is the author of several dozen notebooks and teaching materials that are an excellent help to pastors and leaders.

Hannaniah Pinto—Tour Guide/Teacher

Hannaniah PintoHannaniah (Oliver) Pinto has lived in Jerusalem Israel since 1983. He is an Israeli tour guide licensed in four languages. His teaching is focused on archaeology and the Jewish background of the Bible.

Hannaniah will help you to understand the remains of biblical towns, connecting them to stories in the Bible in a new and exciting way.

His recently published book: "Jesus' Last Night with His Disciples, a Study of the First Century Historical and Archaeological Setting of the Last Supper" will provide many insights into our journey to Israel.

He co-leads tours to Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Michael Hodgson, CEO

Michael Hodgson has some 27 years' experience of designing and operating group visits to Biblical destinations. Having lived for a few years in Jerusalem and traveled extensively and regularly on “inspection visits”, he has gained unique logistical knowledge.

His extensive knowledge of the Middle East and Mediterranean region enables him to be creative in designing group tours that trace the biblical narrative in these regions.

New and broader destinations are being created and offered to a wider client base to enhance the profile of Biblical Resources and deepen the travel experience of groups.

Our teachers, tour guides, and all our staff can help you have the trip of your lifetime.

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For a schedule of the trips we have scheduled, see the Biblical Resources Study Center Trips page.