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Travel to the Holy Land

Come with us on a trip of a lifetime. Experience the land of the bible as you take a walk in the rocky Wilderness of Judea, watch birds fly over the Sea of Galilee, stroll through the temple ruins at ancient Ephesus, imagine the glory of ancient Pompeii, and marvel as the golden rays of the afternoon sun light up the stones of Jerusalem, making it truly Jerusalem of Gold.

Such experiences have been compared to seeing a play for the first time after years of enjoying the book. One experiences “ah-ha!” moments of knowing first hand what the “stage” of the Bible actually looks like as you explore biblical archaeology sites and historic settings. Understanding antiquity, biblical archaeology and geography, and how traditions and customs are reflected in the Scriptures enriches what one already knows of the Bible.

Biblical Resources, LLC, regularly organizes study tours to Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey and Italy. These tours are led by widely respected teachers, Dr. James Fleming (biblical archaeologist) and Mr. Hannaniah Oliver Pinto, who have lived and worked in Israel for over 30 years. Biblical Resources is known for weaving five unique emphases into its Study Tours:

  1. Archaeology.
  2. Geography.
  3. History.
  4. Theology.
  5. Small group travel.

Biblical Educational Materials

Many educational materials on history, geography and archaeology have been developed by Dr. Fleming. In the bookstore at the museum, there are also books by other authors, hand-carved olive wood items, CDs, DVDs, as well as transcripts from dozens of conferences Dr. Fleming has conducted on important archaeological insights on the biblical materials. Many of these products are available online through our bookstore.





Fountain Gifts

Fountain Gifts

Fountain Gifts is our retail store on the square of LaGrange, Georgia. We have a large selection of books, DVDs, olive wood products from Israel, Christmas ornaments, and much more.

Support for Israeli and Palestinian Artisans

Through the products we offer, we support both Israeli and Palestinian artisans. It has always been our tradition to bring a sensitivity to our connections with respect for Judaism. We therefore have a variety of Judaica such as Passover Seder books, prayer shawls, kippot (head covers), kiddush cups, menorahs, mezzuoth and shofar rams' horns.

Products from the Palestinian areas also enrich our inventory in the museum store. Part of our motivation in handling Palestinian made products, such as Christmas nativity sets, wooden candle sticks, bowls, communion cups, Christmas ornaments, crosses, needlepoint stoles and pillow covers, is that the difficulties related to the political situation have resulted in major unemployment. Our store is part of an effort to help support six Christian families involved primarily in olive wood production.